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1988-  Jimmy Bower - guitars
1989-  Mike Williams - vocals
2001-  Gary Mader - bass
2013-  Aaron Hill - drums
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1988  Kevin Bond - bass
1988  Joe Fazzio - drums
1988-1989  Joey DeLatte - drums
1988-1989  Chris Hilliard - vocals
1988-1992  Mark Schultz - guitars
› 1992-1995  -//- bass
1988-1992  Steve Dale - bass
1989-2013  Joey LaCaze - drums
1993-2018  Brian Patton - guitars
1996-1999  Vince LeBlanc - bass
2000-2001  Daniel Nick - bass
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1998  Sammy Pierre Duet - vocals
2013  Dale Crover - drums
2016  Randy Blythe - vocals
2019-  Brian Patton - guitars
2019  Michael Kozlovsky - guitars

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Well, we waited quite some time. While seven years, it's half the time we previously waited for their self-titled comeback album; I feel like A History Of Nomadic Behavior is half the album we could have gotten from these sludge legends.
Review by X-Ray Rod ››
It's near impossible for me to stay unbiased when it comes to Eyehategod. They, along with sludge masters Acid Bath, have been my main soundtrack for most of my teen years. There's something about their uncompromised sense of anger mixed with groove that few bands can match. What I got was all but a surprise? But hey, Eyehategod aren't after any innovation bullshit. They've always been after our throats.
Review by X-Ray Rod ››

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