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Phil Anselmo


1984-1992 Razor White - vocals  
1987-2003 Pantera - vocals (as Phil Anselmo)  
1991- Down - vocals (as Phil Anselmo)  
1993-2004 Superjoint Ritual - guitars, vocals (as Phil Anselmo)  
1994-1995 Christ Inversion - guitar, backing vocals  
1994-2001 Viking Crown - bass, drums, guitars (as Phil Anselmo)  
1995-2001 Southern Isolation - vocals, guitar  
1995-2004 Tapeworm - vocals, guitar  
1997-2002 Necrophagia - guitars (as Phil Anselmo)  
1999-2003 Enoch - vocals  
2006- Arson Anthem - guitar  
2011- Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals - vocals (as Phil Anselmo)  
2014-2021 Superjoint - vocals (as Phil Anselmo)  
2015- Scour - vocals (as Phil Anselmo)  

Live musician

2017 Warbeast - vocals  

Guest musician

2000 Iommi - vocals (as Phil Anselmo)  
2001 Biohazard - vocals (as Phil Anselmo)  
2006 Cerebral Bore - vocals (as Phil Anselmo)  
2015 Cattle Decapitation - spoken word (as Phil Anselmo)  
2015 Metal Allegiance - vocals (as Phil Anselmo)  
2018 Sigh - vocals  

Personal information

Also known as: Philip Hansen Anselmo
Born on: 30.06.1968
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Anselmo grew up in the inner city of New Orleans. He attended Grace King High School located in Metairie. His father owns and operates a restaurant in Metairie, LA called Anselmo's. Anselmo has a younger brother, Jerry Anselmo and a half-sister, Mary Colclough who was credited as a backup singer on the Southern Isolation EP. Anselmo has a pet rottweiler named Dracula

Anselmo has said in various interviews that he was very quiet and secluded as a child. He spent some time working on fishing boats as a young man. During a 2002 Ozzfest interview with radio show Opie and Anthony, Anselmo shared a story that, at the age of 14, he started a fire in his home to scare his sister but accidentally burned the house down in the process.

While a teenager Anselmo joined the band Samhain, not to be confused with Glenn Danzig's band of the same name. From the early to mid 80s, Anselmo was a member of the band 'Razor White'. While they did have some original material, they mainly played Judas Priest covers.