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King Parrot


2010-  Youngy - vocals
2010-  Mr. White - guitars
2010-  Slatts Slattz - bass
2011-  Squiz - guitars
2014-  Todd Hansen - drums
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2010-2011  Eddie Lacey - guitars
2010-2012  Rizzo - drums
2013-2014  Matthew "Skitz" Sanders - drums
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2013  Rob Brens - drums
2014  Rob McGregor - vocals
2014  Jimmy Benson - guitars

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Honestly, looking at the name, you couldn't fault someone for thinking this is another one of those Municipal Waste side projects, which doesn't set the highest expectations. Don't get me wrong, Cannabis Corpse and Iron Reagan are both good fun, but ultimately a bit disposable. King Parrot meets some expectations and blows away others.
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