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Christian Death

This band's profile is 'invisible', meaning that it's much less prominent on the site - either because it's incomplete, or maybe doesn't entirely fit MS format.


1983-  Valor Kand - vocals, guitar
1994-  Maitri - bass, backing vocals
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1979-1982  George Belanger - drums
1979-1985  Rozz Williams - vocals
1981-1982  Rikk Agnew - guitars
1983-1987  David Glass - drums
1983-1989  Gitane Demone - keyboards, vocalist
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1982  James McGearty - bass
2002-2003  Gianpiero "Gian" Piras - guitars
2002-2003  William A. Sarginson - drums


1986 The Decomposition Of Violets [Live]
1986 Believers Of The Unpure [Single]
1987 Sick Of Love [Single]
1987 Jesus Christ Proudly Presents [Live]
1988 Church Of No Return [Single]
1988 What's The Verdict [Single]
1989 The Heretics Alive [Live]
1989 Zero Sex [Single]
1989 We Fall Like Love/I Hate You [Single]
1990 Heavens And Hells (1981-1985) [Live]
1990 Past Present And Forever [Compilation] 7
1991 Jesus Points The Bone At You [Compilation] 6
1992 Love & Hate [Compilation]
1993 Invocations: 1981-1989 [Compilation]
1993 Tales Of Innocence, A Continued Anthology... [Compilation]
1995 Amen [Live] 9
1996 Death Mix [Compilation]
1999 The Bible [Compilation]
1999 The Best Of Christian Death [Compilation]
2001 Love And Hate [Compilation]
2002 The Metal Years: Gothic Doom [VA] 6.7
2005 Death Club 1981-1993 [Compilation] 6
2007 Six Six Sixth Communion [Compilation]
2007 Romeo's Distress [Single]
2011 First Communion / The Lord's Prayer [Split]

Latest reviews

When Rozz Williams left Christian Death after "Ashes" back in 1985 he agreed to let the rest of the band use the name of Christian Death until the end of the European "Ashes" tour and then change it to Sin and Sacrifice. That never...
Review by KwonVerge ››
"From the grievous wounds flow solemn tears in the nightmare knavery of his 3 stigmata?"

Christian Death have to be one of the sacred beasts of the dark scene of the 80s, not only they were one of the most important and influencial death rock...
Review by KwonVerge ››
After the release of the masterpiece debut album "Only theatre of Pain" everyone but Rozz Williams left Christian Death. Then a band named Pompeii 99, moving in death rock soundscapes, asked Rozz Williams to join them for a European tour and...
Review by KwonVerge ››
"Deathwish" contains 6 songs which are the first recordings of Christian Death recorded in a small studio (Orange County Studios), when Rozz Williams was only 16, before the band signed to Frontier Records for the monumental debut album "Only...
Review by KwonVerge ››

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