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Country: Switzerland
Label: Mausoleum Records

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Formed in: 2001
Disbanded in: 2010

2001- Heavy metal


2001-2010  Sammy Lasagni - guitar
2004-2010  Fernando Garcia - vocals
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2001-2004  Anthony Deangelis - vocals
2001-2009  Mitch Koontz - bass
2001-2009  Peter Gander - drums
2002-2007  Moses B. Fernandez - guitar
2007-2009  Steve "El Greco" Papacharitos - guitar
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2002  Tom Naumann - guitars
2008  Stefan Schwarzmann - drums
2005  Ralf Scheepers - backing vocals

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We'll move on to the May releases from Limb (they are really productive, this label), and first out we have the Swiss Heavy Metal band Godiva.
They released their self-titled debut two years ago, and that album did really good, in the underground...   Review by Malcolm ››


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