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Longing For Dawn

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Country: Canada
Label: Grau Records

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Formed in: 2002
On hold: 2011-

2002- Death doom metal
2002- Funeral doom metal
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2002-  Frederic Arbour - guitars
2002-  Stefan Laroche - vocals
2004-  Étienne Lepage - bass
2006-  Simon Carignan - guitars
2006-  François Côté-Fortin - drums
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2002-2003  Martin Gagnon - drums
2002-2004  Kevin Jones - bass
2002-2006  Stian Weideborg - guitars
2003-2005  Sylvain Marquette - drums
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No need to present one more time Longing For Dawn, especially if you like Doom Metal. The really good band from Canada is back this year with their 3rd album, "Between Elation And Despair", a pure concentration of melancholic Funeral Doom Death....   Review by Jeff ››

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