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1998-  Mick Moss - bass, guitars, keyboards, vocals
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1998-2005  Duncan Patterson - bass, guitars, keyboards, vocals
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2007  Pete Gildchrist - vocals
2013  Vic Anselmo - vocals, keyboards
2001  Hayley Windsor - vocals
2001  Brian Moss - samples
2001  Les Smith - samples
2001  Mags - guitar
2001-2003  Daniel "Danny" Cavanagh - guitars, piano, vocals
› 2007  -//- guitars, piano, synthesizers
2001-2003  Jenny O'Connor - vocals
2001-2003  Michelle Richfield - vocals
2005  Mehdi Messouci - keyboards
2005  Amelie Festa - vocals
2005-2007  Rachel Brewster - violin
2005-2007  Ste Hughes - bass
2005-2007  Chris Phillips - drums

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Antimatter is a band formed by Duncan Patterson, former bass player and songwriter of doom metal band Anathema. Mick Moss picked up the pieces when Duncan Patterson left the band in 2004. And to the surprise of many pundits, the next couple of albums...
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If you still don't know Antimatter, you'll have to know that the band was founded by Mick Moss a really good compositor/musician from Great Britain and Duncan Patterson that you probably already know for his work with Anathema. After three albums...
Review by Jeff ››

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