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Silent Force

60 fans
Country: Germany
Label: AFM Records

Links: Official website

Formed in: 1999

1999- Progressive power metal


1999-  Alex Beyrodt - guitars
1999-  André Hilgers - drums
2013-  Michael Bormann - vocals
2013-  Mat Sinner - bass
2013-  Alessandro Del Vecchio - keyboards
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1999  Michael Müller - bass
1999-2000  Fleisch - bass
1999-NA  D.C. Cooper - vocals
1999-NA  Torsten Röhre - keyboards
2000-NA  Jürgen Steinmetz - bass
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2000  David Readman - vocals

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Have you ever wondered what would have turned out if Def Leppard played power metal? In the name of your mental sanity, I hope not. Anyway, the result would have been Silent Force.   Review by R Lewis ››

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