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At Vance

90 fans
Country: Germany
Label: AFM Records

Links: Official website

Formed in: 1998

1998-Heavy metal
1998-Power metal


1998-  Olaf Lenk - guitars
2007-  Rick Altzi - vocals
2012-  Kevin Kott - drums
2023-  Tim Rashid - bass
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NA  Timmi Breideband - drums
1998-2003  Oliver Hartmann - vocals
1999  Spoony - drums
1999-2002  Uli Mueller - keyboards
1999-2004  Rainald Koenig - guitars
2000-2002  Jochen Schnur - bass
2000-2004  Jürgen Lucas - drums
2003-2004  Sascha Feldmann - bass
2003-2007  Mats Levén - vocals
2004-2007  John A.B.C. Smith - bass
2005-2007  Mark Cross - drums
2007-2009  Manuel Walther - bass
2007-2012  Alex Landenburg - drums
2009-2011  Wolfman Black - bass
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2012  Casey Grillo - drums

Latest reviews

At Vance is this kind of bands which frequently release a new album but every time, this is the same kind of music, this is never new and surprising. It's a bit sad because this band is composed of great musicians and I don't understand how...
Review by Jeff ››
"Chained", or the great return of Mr Olaf Lenk and his band mates of AT Vance. No surprise one more time, that's a classic European Power Metal release but unfortunately the band doesn't know how to avoid the clichés of the...
Review by Jeff ››

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