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2011-  Andrew Wells - guitars, vocals
2011-  James Johnson - bass
2011-  Matthew Dommer - guitars, vocals
2011-  Matthew Hansen - drums
2018-  Sergio Medina - guitars, vocals
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2013-2017  Brandon Bascom - guitars, vocals
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2012  Randy Cordner - vocals
2012  Travis White - vocals
2012  John-Ross Boyce - vocals
2012  Tim Ross - vocals
2012  Doc Barlow - vocals
2017  Nicholas Pope - saxophone
2021  Chantelle Wells - vocals
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2021  Jon Mess - vocals

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First, they signed with Blue Swan Records and became part of the ‘Swancore’ math/post-hardcore subgenre, and now they’ve hopped aboard the Djent Express; Eidola clearly aren’t afraid of dabbling with divisive sounds.
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