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1993-  Ciaran O'Hagan - vocals
2004-  Saul McMichael - guitars
2006-  Dave Briggs - whistle, mandolin, bodhran
2012-  Tor Dennison - guitars
2013-  Lee McCartney - drums
2022-  Murzo McMurzo - bass
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1993  Peter Boylan - guitars
› 1999-2001  -//-
1993-1995  Jason Barriskill - bass
1993-2000  Den Ferran - drums
› 2001-2013  -//-
1993-2003  Dermot O'Hagan - guitars
1995-2018  Michael Proctor - bass
1996-2002  Mairtin McCormaic - tin whistle
2000-2001  Bo Murphy - drums
2001-2003  Owen Boden - guitars
2003  Kevin "Kevy" Canavan - guitars
2005-2008  Gareth "Gazz" Murdock - guitars
› 2008-2009  -//-
2008  Ade Mulgrew - guitars
2009-2012  Hugh O'Neill - guitars
2018-2019  Steve "Sleeve" Reynolds - bass
› 2021-2022  -//-
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I heard a single from Kindred Spirits before hearing the entire album and was very excited. New extreme folk metal that sounded promising! Turns out that by hearing that song I'd actually heard the entire album, which is 53 minutes of the same (great) song.

Waylander's fourth album could instead be referred to as embracing a style and doing it well. Sure, one doesn't need tons of variety to make a good album. But there's a fine line between that and nearing monotony.
Review by Susan ››
Some of the older readers may remember that I once reviewed "Metal Message IV", a compilation that aims at showcasing the best of Viking, Folk, Pagan metal. The guys behind Metal Message are now back with a fifth issue, remarkably titled "V"....
Review by Lucas ››
Folk metal being the big trend on the scene right now, one has to be weary of many a new release from this style since there is plenty of trivial and derivative stuff out there. Luckily, although far from being a progeny of any caliber, The Northern-Irish...
Review by jupitreas ››

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