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Also known as Gloryfication (1994), SuidAkrA

Country: Germany
Labels: AFM Records
MDD Records

Links: Official website

Formed in: 1994

1994-Melodic death metal
1994-Folk metal


1994-2000  Arkadius Antonik - guitars, vocals
› 2000-  -//- guitars, keyboards, vocals
2009-2010  Sebastian Jensen - guitar
› 2018-  -//- guitars, clean vocals
2012-NA  Tim Siebrecht - bass
› 2019-  -//-
2018-2019  Ken Jentzen - bass
› 2019-  -//- drums
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1994-2001  Stefan Möller - drums
1995-1998  Christoph "Zachi" Zacharowski - bass
1995-2000  Marcel Schoenen - guitars, vocals
› 2005-2007  -//-
1995-2001  Daniela Voigt - keyboards, vocals
1998-1999  Nils Broß - bass
› 2000-2002  -//-
1999-2000  F.T. - bass
2001-NA  Lars Wehner - drums
2002-2012  Marcus Riewaldt - bass
2004-2005  Matthias Kupka - guitars, vocals
2012-NA  Marius Pesch - guitars
2016-2018  Jan Jansohn - bass
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2000-2005  Marcel Schoenen - guitars, vocals
2006-  Axel Römer - bagpipes
2000-2002  Germano Sanna - guitars
2002-2003  Sky Hoff - guitars, vocals
2002-2005  Marcel Schoenen - guitars, vocals
2006-  Axel Römer - bagpipes
2008-2009  Tim Siebrecht - guitars, vocals
2009  Sebastian Jensen - guitar, vocals
2009  Sebastian "Seeb" Levermann - guitar, vocals
2010-2012  Marius Pesch - guitars, vocals
2005  Tina Stabel - vocals
› 2009  -//-
› 2011  -//-
2009  Sebastian Jensen - vocals
2011  Matthias Zimmer - vocals
2018-2021  Cătălina Popa-Mörck - flute
2019  Robert "Robse" Dahn - vocals

Latest reviews

Mastermind Arkadius Antonin was never a quitter. After more than 20 years of churning out melodic death with folk elements, putting together killer live shows, and releasing a fair share of fantastic albums along the way, Suidakra are at it again.
Review by Dream Taster ››
Arkadius Antonik has been successfully steering the ship of Suidakra for over 20 years. The German band has received plenty of praise for their folk-enriched melodic death metal, especially during the time guitarist Marcel Schoenen was on board. The classic...
Review by Dream Taster ››
Some bands play violins near a frozen fjord and call it Folk Metal. Some bands get drunk in a sauna and record Polka songs and call it Folk Metal . Not so with the German metallers of Suidakra. What you get is breakneck Melodic Death drenched in Folk...
Review by Dream Taster ››
Folk influences have crept up in a lot of bands songwriting lately, but Germany’s SuidAkrA have been a steady Pagan Melodic Death outfit for a long time now. And now past the attempt to strip folk elements from their music, and after a solid album...
Review by Dream Taster ››
As you can see in the track list, this new DVD produced by the Polish label Metal Mind is a nice compilation of the bands which performed last year at the XX edition of the famous festival of Katowice. As always with this "Metal Mania" DVD,...
Review by Jeff ››

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