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Heathen Foray

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Country: Austria
Label: Black Bards Entertainment

Links: Official website

Formed in: 2005

2005-Viking folk metal
2005-Pagan folk metal


2005-2010  Jürgen Brüder - lead guitar
› 2018-  -//- guitars
2006-  Robert Schroll - vocals
2008-  Markus Wildinger - bass
2010-  Alexander Wildinger - guitars
2011-  Markus Kügerl - drums
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2005-2006  Daniel Koinegg - guitars
2005-2009  C. Michael Hofbauer - drums
2006-2007  Safet Pehlic - guitars
2006-2008  Markus Engert - bass
2007-2018  Bernd Zahn - guitars
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By now it's quite a long time ago since I considered myself a fan of folk metal. I sucked up every single torrent of bands labelled as either folk, pagan or viking metal like a dry sponge. The next thing that happened was that I probably overplayed...
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