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Country: Finland
Label: Napalm Records

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Formed in: 1999
Hiatus: 2011-2016

1999-Folk metal
1999-Power metal
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1999-  Kaisa Jouhki - vocals
1999-  Jyri Vahvanen - guitars
1999-  Maria Honkanen - keyboards, flute
2000-  Henri Vahvanen - drums
2001-  Jussi Rautio - guitars
2004-  Tomi Mykkänen - vocals
2004-  Timo Honkanen - bass
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1999  Gorthaur - drums
1999-2001  Tommi Havo - vocals, guitars
1999-2004  Patrik Mennander - vocals
1999-2005  Miika Kokkola - bass
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2009  Janne Saska - backing vocals
2007  Tommi Lintunen - guitars
2008  Enrico Annus - drums
2008  Harri Hyytiäinen - vocals
2002  Jyrki Myllärinen - acoustic guitar
2003  Erik Zacharias - keyboards
2009  Markus Vuoristo - cello
2009  Dan Erland Swanö - guitar solo

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