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2000-  Espen Warankov Godø - keyboards
2001-  Eystein Garberg - guitars
2001-2007  Siv Lena Waterloo Laugtug - violin
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2002-  Espen Hammer - bass
2005-  Vidar Berg - drums
2014-  Roar Grindheim - guitars
2021-  Mari Klingen - vocals
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1999-2001  Sondre Øien - bass
1999-2004  Bjørnar Selsbak - guitars
1999-2005  Alf Helge Lund - drums
2001-2004  Vibeke Arntzen - vocals
2004-2007  Stine Mari Langstrand - vocals
2004-2007  Ketil Siether - guitars
2009-2021  Annelise Ofstad Aar - vocals
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2007-  Jenny Gustafsson - violin
2007-  Håkan Lundkvist - violin

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Do you feel like taking a break from extreme metal, or looking for something on the soft, folky, and slightly experimental side of things to lighten your mood? Then Fremmede Toner could perhaps suit your needs.
Review by AndyMetalFreak ››
I just love Folk Metal, to mix folkloric elements of a certain country or culture with Heavy Metal is a killer idea, whoever was the first band doing this, I bow before you, me, your humble servant.

Lumsk hails from Norway, and yes you're correct,...
Review by Undercraft ››

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