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Stine Mari Langstrand


1996-2001 Eternal Silence (NOR) - vocals (as Anastaziah)  
2003- Stine Mari Langstrand - vocals  
2004-2007 Lumsk - vocals  

Personal information

Also known as: Anastaziah
Born on: 04.12.1980


Stine was born 4 December 1980 in Harstad, a small town in north of Norway. She started singing very early and played in the school band, sang in the children's coir and went to children's school of music in her hometown, later in music gymnasium and Toneheim Folkehøgskole. And there was never a doubt in her mind that it was a singer she was to become.

She got the top-grade in classical singing (4 year bachelor) at the Institute of Music in Trondheim, and got a master degree in Music Theater at the same school in 2007.

The cd-single Stine came out in 2003 with songs of the Norwegian musician Ole Gunnar Nilssen.

She has also been vocalist in the Norwegian band Lumsk and made the albums Troll and Det Vilde Kor, videos "Trolltind" and "Om Hundrede Aar Er Allting Glemt" and the single of protest Nidvisa together with them. They also won the first By:larm-scholarship ever and they have played a lot concerts both in Norway and abroad.

Stine sang "Astrid" in the opera musical "Some Sunny Night" in 2005, and they had China-premiere in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing with the Beijing opera orchestra and opera choir.

She now works as a freelance singer and has been singing with the Norwegian army bands in several occasions. She has also been a soloist with Trondheim Symphony Orchestra, Trondheimssoloists, Trondheim Chamber Music Festival, Ila Brass Band, Nidaros Brass Band and Kristiansund Symphony Orchestra.

And she has done the main characters in several music theatre concerts like "West Side Story" at the Opera-week in Kristiansund (2006), "Guten Som Song Så Stygt" (2008), (Vegard Austli Kjøsnes), and the cabaret "Den Gale Enke" 2007.

She has also attended on the cd's Isabliss 2008, Amethystium, and Norwegian army band Christmas record 2007.