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Also known as Lai Lai Hei

Country: Finland
Label: Napalm Records

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Formed in: 2006

2006- Extreme folk metal
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2006-  Sean Haslam - guitars
2006-  Joona Björkroth - guitars, backing vocals
2006-  Jarkko Niemi - bass, backing vocals
2006-  Viktor "Storm" Gullichsen - vocals
2013-  Patrik Fält - drums
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2006-2010  Jaakko Tikkanen - drums
2006-2019  Janne Björkroth - keyboards, backing vocals
2010-2013  Sami Hänninen - drums
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2013  Petri Mäkipää - drums
2010  Eerik Hippi - clarinet
2010  Jussi-Pekka Björkroth - flute
2010  Lauri Hongisto - choirs
2010  Lari Takala - choirs
2010  Markus Toivonen - choirs
2010  Elmer Gullichsen - vocals
2019  Noora Louhimo - vocals

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Guitarist Joona Björkroth joined Battle Beast in the wake of Anton Kabanen's unceremonious departure, the point at which some fans began to despair that the Finnish sextet had become too poppy, that the "Beast" was gone. Well, first of all, shut up, because the new stuff is good, too [read: better]. But if No More Hollywood Endings is still too Hollywood for you, Brymir can offer five times the Beast.   Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››

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