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Also known as DispersE

Country: Poland
Label: Season Of Mist

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Formed in: 2007

2010-Progressive metal
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2007-  Rafał Biernacki - keyboards, vocals
2012-  Wojtek Famielec - bass
2015-  Mike Malyan - drums
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2007-2012  Marcin Kicyk - bass
2007-2012  Przemek Nycz - drums
2007-2018  Jakub Żytecki - guitars
2012-2015  Maciek Dzik - drums
2012-2015  Daniel Kesler - guitars
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Poland's Disperse have made one of the more diverse progressive rock records in recent memory. Foreword is a precise blend of post-rock's delicate guitar lines, prog rock's complicated song structures, and metal music's forceful wall...
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As much as I love old progressive rock like King Crimson, Yes, Hawkwind, and Van Der Graaf Generator, most progressive metal tends to fall short for me. A lot of the bands within the style tend to appear to have an attitude of ultra showmanship by any...
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