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Country: United Kingdom
Label: Unsigned

Links: Official website

Formed in: 2010

2010- Folk metal
2010- Post-Rock


2010-2012  Scott McLean - drums, guitars, keyboards
› 2012-  -//- guitars, keyboards, vocals
2012-  Ben Brown - bass
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2010-2012  Andy Marshall - bass, guitars, vocals
2012-2015  Steve Scott - drums
2013-2015  Tony Dunn - guitars, vocals
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2011-2012  Steve Scott - drums
2011-2012  Ben Brown - bass

Latest reviews

Scottish band Falloch have finally released their sophomore album, three years after their highly decorated debut Where Distant Spirits Remain. Main song writer and vocalist Andy Marshall left the band during this period, the void filled with a trio of capable musicians and a new sound. A straight-forward and desensitized atmospheric approach takes the place of most of the "gazy" and folk metal elements. I love the band's new direction and This Island, Our Funeral is an impressive piece of music that will hold its own against the Dustwalker's and The Serpent & the Sphere's of the genre.   Review by tea[m]ster ››

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