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Crimson Shadows


2006-  Cory Hofing - drums
2006-  Ryan Hofing - guitar, backing vocals
2006-  Greg Rounding - guitar, vocals
2006-2016  Jimi Maltais - vocals
› 2019-  -//-
2019-  Alex Snape - bass
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2007-2011  Colby Bernard - bass
2011-2012  Blake Murphy - bass
2012-2015  Morgan Rider - bass
2016-2018  Paul "Paul Ablaze" Zinay - vocals
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2015-  Nick Miller - bass
2014  Matt McGachy - backing vocals
2014  Paul Ablaze - backing vocals

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Let's face it people, epic metal is fucking dumb when you think about it. Grown men so obsessed with their Dungeons & Dragons adventures they give them life via recording entire albums. Cocaine, expensive tranny hookers and D&D have proven an awful mix, as we usually end up with two outcomes: Either the musician takes their bloated creation waaay too seriously, or they mock it so much they come across as resentful of own musical creations, and their fans in the process. It's always nice to hear some balance between self-aware fun and serious effort. Crimson Shadows epitomize that.
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