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Country: United Kingdom
Label: earMUSIC

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Formed in: 1989
Broke up: 2000-2002
Broke up: 2009-2011

1989- Hard rock


1980-  Danny Bowes - vocals
1980-  Luke Morley - guitars, vocals
1983-  Gary 'Harry' James - drums
1989-  Ben Matthews - keyboards
1996-  Chris Childs - bass
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1980-1983  Mac McKenzie - bass
1980-1983  Paul Caple - drums
1983-1988  Nick Linden - bass
1989-1992  Mark 'Snake' Luckhurst - bass
1992-1995  Mikael Höglund - bass
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Latest reviews

Can you hear the thunder?   Review by omne metallum ››
One of, if not the best example of switching up rookie exuberance for mature experience, Thunder produce a stellar follow-up in Laughing On Judgement Day, a solid and vast album that takes the path well-trodden in a new direction. Sophomore slump? Sophomore jump is more accurate.   Review by omne metallum ››
Classic rock without the classic, Thunder are an oft overlooked band who upon release of their debut album Backstreet Symphonies looked to have the world at their feet. Taking the sound of 70's rock but not straying into generic territory, the band would make one hell of a first step and hit the ground running hard.   Review by omne metallum ››