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1988-  Mark Drillich - bass
2007-  Tijs Keverkamp - guitars
2008-  David Kox - guitar
2013-  Oscar Alblas - drums
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1988-1995  Rob Smits - drums
1988-1995  Aldo Sprenger - guitar
1988-2000  Dirk De Vries - guitar, samples
1995-1998  Rob Snijders - drums
1995-2000  Marieke Verdonk - guitar
2007-2013  Mandy Hopman - drums
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1999  Klaas Broekema - drums
1999  Rob Smits - drums
2013  Stef Broks - drums

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Kong are extremely good at delivering music that is restless and unsettling. If you're an impressionable sort, a driver that gets nervous and twitchy at the wheel of a car in a rush hour, Kong is not a good choice of background music. It will surely make you even more anxious and jumpy. It's the sort of music that just doesn't let itself be enjoyed sitting tight.   Review by Ivor ››

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