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2012-  Kevin Pearson - guitars
2012-  Matt Moss - vocals
2018-  Alan Cassidy - drums
2018-  Moat Lowe - bass
2013-2014  Laurence Beer - vocals

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If you didn't know by now, Slugdge do write songs about snails, but they're no fucking joke. The molluscan deities have blessed them with the power of the riff.
Review by RaduP ››
You really can get away with a lot in the realm of metal. The sheer number of different themes central to various bands and genres is part of what keeps metal interesting for me. Whether it's a depressing retelling of nautical literature at the hands of Ahab or a tale of dragon-slaying told by Rhapsody Of Fire, there will always be a huge variety of sounds to be heard and stories to be told throughout the metal universe.
Review by Mattybu ››

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