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Iron Reagan


2012-  Tony Foresta - vocals
2012-  Philip Kyle Hall - guitars
2012-  Ryan Parrish - drums
2013-  Mark Bronzino - guitars
2013-  Rob Skotis - bass
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2012-2013  Paul Burnette - bass
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2013  Tomas "Tompa" Lindberg - vocals

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East Coast crossover thrashers Iron Reagan and Arizona-based death metallers Gatecreeper unite their powers for a split recording and the purpose is clear; cross promotion. These two bands haven't got anything in common besides the fact that they are Relapse Records labelmates and they both craft face-melting, kick-ass music.
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Iron Reagan is a crossover band from Richmond, Virginia. They've released a small amount of material over the few years they've been active. The super-group consists of Municipal Waste and Darkest Hour members.

Yeah, your hardcore mouth is watering already. As it should be.
Review by Boxcar Willy ››

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