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1982-  Frank Thorwart - bass
1982-  Gerre - vocals
1998-  Andy Gutjahr - guitars
2024-  Gerd Lücking - drums
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1982-1983  Bernhard Rapprich - guitars
1982-1989  Oliver Werner - drums
1982-1995  Axel Katzmann - guitars
1983-1998  Andy Bulgaropulos - guitars
1989-1994  Arnulf Tunn - drums
1994-2024  Olaf Zissel - drums
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2010  Michael Mainx - acoustic guitar
2015  Gerd Lücking - drums
1998  Martin Christian - backing vocals
2012  Doro Pesch - vocals


Latest reviews

I'll drink to that!
Review by omne metallum ››
Well...It's time to party. I guess. Tankard - when at their best - should inspire you to drink a lot and destroy someone's property. Destruction and violence delivered in a cheeky, endearing way is what Tankard is usually about...Usually. This party is about as wild as a Kelly Clarkson music video.
Review by Doc G. ››
The founders of the "Alcoholic Metal", the German thrashers of Tankard will release this year a new compilation. Like Destruction and their "Thrash Anthems", AFM records and the band chose to re-record their best tracks. It's...
Review by Jeff ››
Finally, the kings of the beer are back with their latest release, "The Beauty And The Beer". Hehe, yes, "The Beauty And The Beer", you're not dreaming, as always Tankard is not really serious, but it's not so surprising,...
Review by Jeff ››
Haaa Thrash Metal, the big and ugly musicians, the girls, the furious pits and the moshers and evidently the beers? what a beautiful musical world. Beautiful, but also really funny especially if you're watching the new DVD, "Fat And Ugly And...
Review by Jeff ››

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