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1994-  Jan Kruitwagen - guitars, vocals, bass
2001-  Koos Bos - drums
2002-  Ruud Nillesen - bass
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1995-1997  M. Gertsen - drums
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2002-2007  Cor van Maris - vocals
2004-2007  Hanna Van Den Berg - guitars
2014-  Andy Charrocker - guitars
2009  Andy Charrocker - guitars

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What once started as a one-man project developed into the beast it is today. 20 years down the road and Sammath proves that 'new' isn't always better. With their latest offering Godless Arrogance, the wheel was not reinvented, it didn't needed to, but rather some elements were added to improve its functionality.   Review by D.T. Metal ››

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