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Cellar Darling


2016-  Anna Murphy - vocals, hurdy gurdy
2016-  Ivo Henzi - guitars
2016-  Merlin Sutter - drums
2017  Shir-Ran Yinon - violin, viola
2017  Fredy Schnyder - piano, dulcimer
› 2018  -//- piano, hammond
2017  Brendan Wade - uilleann pipes

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It's odd that Anna Murphy's druidic side should emerge more fully post-Eluveitie. Cellar Darling's debut pulled from the occultic weirdness that she had explored more with Lethe, Nucleus Torn, and other projects, lashing these macabre tendencies to a deceptively heavy rock skeleton. The Spell sounds tighter and more confident in exactly the way a sophomore album should.
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