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Jari Huttunen


2000-2006 Requiem (FIN) - drums  
2005- Halo Of Shadows - drums  
2007- Dice Of Fate - drums  
2012- Klingenberg Syndrome - drums  
2014- Mindfall - drums  
2016 Killmosphere - drums  
2019- Verikalpa - drums  

Personal information

Born on: 24.04.1975

Jari's skills stand out in the current music genre due to his ability to record songs in one go from start to finish without any need for editing. It's this rare ability that is the backbone of DoF. His strong attack on the drums allows the band to record without using samples and still have that modern articulation and sound preassure in productions. Jari has played in several progressive and death metal bands that require technical drumming but in DoF his focus is more on grooves and unique syncopated patterns.