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Thomas Such


1980- Sodom - vocals, bass (as Tom Angelripper)  
1995- Onkel Tom Angelripper - vocals (as Tom Angelripper)  
2000 Dezperadoz - vocals (as Tom Angelripper)  
2007-2011 Die Knappen - vocals (as Tom Angelripper)  

Studio musician

2007- Markus Grosskopf's Bassinvaders - bass, vocals (as Tom Angelripper)  

Guest musician

1988 Protector - vocals (as Tom Angelripper)  
2005 Powergod - vocals (as Tom Angelripper)  
2005-2006 Holy Moses - vocals (as Tom Angelripper)  
2006-2024 Dezperadoz - vocals (as Tom Angelripper)  
2010 Final Depravity - vocals (as Tom Angelripper)  
2010 Pharao - additional vocals (as Tom Angelripper)  
2010 Irreverence - vocals (as Tom Angelripper)  
2010 Wortmord - vocals (as Tom Angelripper)  
2011 Onslaught - vocals (as Tom Angelripper)  
2011 Doro - vocals (as Tom Angelripper)  
2012 Destruction - vocals (as Tom Angelripper)  
2013 AfterBlood - vocals (as Tom Angelripper)  
2015 Frank Blackfire - vocals (as Tom Angelripper)  
2017 Enrichment - additional vocals (as Tom Angelripper)  
2018 Darkness - vocals (as Tom Angelripper)  
2019 Tank - vocals (as Tom Angelripper)  
2022 Pestlegion - additional vocals (as Tom Angelripper)  
2022 Traitor - vocals (as Tom Angelripper)  
2023 Nail Within - vocals (as Tom Angelripper)  
2023 Holy Moses - vocals (as Tom Angelripper)  

Personal information

Also known as: Tom Angelripper, Onkel Tom
Born on: 19.02.1963


Real name:
Thomas Such

Tom, Tommy, Tom Angelripper, Onkel Tom, Der Alte

Year of birth:

Buer in Westfalen (...near Gelsenkirchen)

First record you bought:
Hot Butter - Popcorn (1972)

Marshall Amplifier EL 34, Sansamp Tech21, diverse Ibanez Destroyer bass guitars, Fernandez bass guitar, Rotosound Swing Bass Strings, Fender delrin picks

Bands (Discography):
Lots of records, please have a look at

Lemmy Kilmister, Cronos, Cliff Burton, Algy Ward, John Gallagher

Favorite bands:
Slayer, Venom, Tank, Motörhead (...till 1982), Raven, Exciter, Vulcain, The Rods, Anti Nowhere League, The Exploited, Die Knappen

Favorite drinks:
Icecold fresh milk (3,5% fat), Diebels Alt, Krefelder, Jägermeister, Fürst Bismarck, Ballantines Coke, Advocaat, fruit juice Schorle, yummy coffee and tap water

Favorite food:
Rolled pork, vegetable pizza, Kassler with Sauerkraut and mashed potatoes, venison fillet, Hungarian goulash, pasta in all their variety

Favorite movies:
Once upon a Time in the West, Tombstone, The wild bunch, The Long Riders, Das Boot, Feuerzangenbowle, The Sons of Katie Elder, Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid

Collecting postcards (...from Buer), researching local history, hunting, weapons, drinking some beers with good friends and sometimes going to see Schalke (football club)!

Biggest foolishness in your life: surely about to come one day...

"Et nützt ja alle nix"

Tom Angelripper (real name Thomas Such, born February 19, 1963) is the founding member and main songwriter of the German thrash metal band Sodom.


In this band he plays the bass guitar and handles the vocals. He is highly inspired by the band Motörhead, though Slayer is his favorite band. Originally he played with his fingers, but now uses a pick. He formed Sodom with guitarist Frank "Aggressor" Testegen and drummer Rainer "Bloody Monster" Focke in 1982, in a desperate bid to get out of working in the coal mines that the three had worked in..

He also founded a band called Onkel Tom Angelripper which plays metal versions of Schlagers, drinking songs and Christmas carols.

In addition, he worked with a side project of Sodom's touring guitarist Alex Kraft, called Desperados which featured spaghetti-western-themed heavy metal. The band later evolved independently under the name of Dezperadoz, but Angelripper still occasionally contributes.

He also plays in several other sideprojects, such as the german bands "Bassinvaders" and "Die Knappen"