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Joseph Reece "Joe" Payne


2003-2004 Lust Of Decay - bass (as Joe Payne)  
2004-2005 Lecherous Nocturne - bass (as Joe Payne)  
2004-2020 Domination Through Impurity - guitar, vocals (as Joe Payne)  
2005-2007 Nile - bass, backing vocals (as Joe Payne)  
2007-2011 Divine Heresy - bass (as Joe Payne)  

Personal information

Born on: 12.10.1984
Died on: 24.01.2020

Joseph "Joe" Payne was born in Tampa, Florida in 1984. He is a heavy metal bassist and guitarist. Until 2011, Joe Payne played bass in the metal band Divine Heresy with Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares, vocalist Travis Neal and ex-Vital Remains and Hate Eternal drummer Tim Yeung.