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Paavo Lötjönen


1993- Apocalyptica - cello  

Guest musician

2001 Cradle Of Filth - cello  
2006 Oomph! - cello  
2008 Amon Amarth - cello  

Personal information

Born on: 29.07.1968

Paavo Lötjönen was born on July 29th, 1968 in Kuopio (Finland).

Paavo Lotjonen comes from a family where everyone is musician (parents and grand-parents) and when he was only 7, he took a cello in his little hands and decided that this would be the instrument he would play.

20 years later Paavo got his "sollist cellist" diploma at the Sybelius Academy and began to work as a cello teacher in music schools. He also played in the "Finnish National Opera".