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Roland Grapow


NA- Locomotive Breath - guitar  
NA- Rampage - guitar  
1989-2001 Helloween - guitars  
1997- Roland Grapow - guitars  
2001- Masterplan - guitars  
2001-2002 Masterplan - bass, keyboards  
2013-2015 Serious Black - guitars  
2014- Level 10 - guitars  
2017- Kreyson - guitars  

Live musician

2014 Sebastien - guitars, backing vocals  

Guest musician

1997 Andi Deris And The Bad Bankers - guitars  
2000 Drakkar - guitar  
2000 Dr. Sin - guitars  
2002 Mob Rules - guitars  
2002 Kotipelto - guitars  
2004 Mob Rules - guitars  
2004 Wayland - guitar  
2005-2007 Tribuzy - guitars  
2008 Gaia Epicus - guitar  
2010 Soulspell - guitars  
2010 Kilmara - guitars  
2010 Sebastien - guitars, backing vocals  
2011 Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy - guitars  
2013 Wolfpakk - guitars  
2014 Kilmara - guitars  
2015 Sebastien - vocals  
2016 Aldaria - guitars  
2016 Hansen & Friends - guitar solo  


26.05.2007 Masterplan
02.10.2003 Masterplan

Personal information

Born on: 30.08.1959

Roland Grapow, born August 30, 1959 in Hamburg, Germany is a professional guitarist. Roland is most well known for his time in the power metal band Helloween, who he played with for 12 years after replacing founding member Kai Hansen.

Roland played on the albums Pink Bubbles Go Ape, Chameleon, Master of the Rings, The Time of the Oath, High Live, Better Than Raw, Metal Jukebox, and The Dark Ride.

During his time with Helloween Roland also formed a solo project. The first release, The Four Seasons of Life, featured members of Helloween playing backup, with Roland trying his hand at singing in addition to guitar playing. On the second album, Kaleidoscope, current and former members of Yngwie Malmsteen's band were utilised.

In 2001, Roland and bandmate Uli Kusch were fired from Helloween due to musical and personal differences. The side project they had been planning, Masterplan, instead became their new full-time band. Roland Grapow is a producer and main songwriter of Masterplan.