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Country: Germany

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Formed in: 1999
Disbanded in: 2011

1999-2011 Power metal


1998-2011  Lars Ratz - bass
1998-2011  Matthias Lange - guitars
1998-2011  Henning Basse - vocals, keyboards
2001-2011  Michael Ehré - drums
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1998-2000  Mike Terrana - drums
1998-2000  Christopher ''Chris'' Caffery - guitars
2000-2001  Jack Frost - guitars
2000-2001  Mark Cross - drums
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2001  Tom Neumann - guitars
2000  Jutta Weinhold-Basten - vocals
2001  Paul Morris - keyboards, piano
2002  Don Airey - keyboards
2002  Ken Hensley - keyboards
2003  Saeko Kitamae - vocals

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Metalium are back. Damn.
I'm not a big fan of these Germans, because I always thought that they were a completely unoriginal band, and I still regret the day that I bought "Hero Nation -Chapter Two-" because is an album that simply don't...   Review by Undercraft ››

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