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Louis Marullo


1980- Manowar - vocals (as Eric Adams)  

Guest musician

2007 HolyHell - vocals (as Eric Adams)  

Personal information

Also known as: Eric Adams
Born on: 12.07.1954

Eric Adams (real name: Louis Marullo) has been the singer of the heavy metal band Manowar since 1980. Before he became the band's singer in 1980, he had sung for a group, called LOOKS. In the band was also future Manowar bassist and childhood friend, Joey DeMaio.

Eric Adams was born on 12 July 1954, in Auburn, New York. As a child, he loved playing the guitar and started showing interest in music when he was at the age of nine. He formed his own garage band in 1965, as mentioned below. In his early days, he wouldn't show his esteem for the metal genre of music. His band-formed by him and his classmates, would make little concerts in the mid '60s, performing songs with an emphasis on child love stories. He later, in 1980, joined the newly founded band Manowar and has been the lead vocalist still to this day.

Eric is a passionate fan of hunting. In interviews he has stated that after a tour, when finally there is some free time, he goes to the woods and starts hunting. He says he prefers to go and kill the animal himself, rather than eating the colored and false meat out in the store. When asked about the band's relationships with present and former band members, he says they keep in contact with all and even help each other when another guitar may be used in one's album. With Ross, Adams has said to be in good relationships. His stage name is a combination of the names of his sons, Eric and Adam.

When asked about his musical training, he says that he has only once taken a singing lesson-he himself had learned the technique and breathing. He also admitted that it was good to have time by his side, so that he'd master his technique quite fast and the albums have a "teached singer" and he'd learn from experience.

He is known for holding high note screams for over 40 seconds at Manowar shows. About his own artistic influences, Adams declared that as a young man he used to go to every show of Deep Purple's, because he loved Ian Gillan's voice. Afterwards, he worked to create his own, personal style. In 1965, aged 11, Eric Adams created a garage band called Meet the Kids. Meet the Kids, fronted by Adams on vocals, made the song Lovin' Everyday in 1965. In that year they released their single to their 1966 album class 0f '66. Eric Adams was 12 at the time. His voice covers more than 4 octaves from bass G1 to the soprano C6. Manowar tries to be in tone with Adams' current vocal range, so their latest albums may indeed be recognized to be tuned down. Eric Adams can also play the guitar-in his hunting DVD "Wild Life and Wild Times", he does the guitar playing in the soundtrack. He has also said to play drums.

A considerable part of Manowar's production implies the intent to optimize and underscore Adams's vocal skills(over 4 octaves vocal range) (for instance, the whole album Into Glory Ride [1983], where the singer "makes the difference").

As a singer and showman, he has gained respect and appreciation even from critics who do not express particular esteem for the band. Recently, Adrien Begrand has written about him: "They (Manowar) have one of the most likeable, charismatic frontmen in the genre".

Although he essentially devoted his artistic life to metal, Adams can sing other genres too. One of his most interesting and unusual exploits was singing the aria "Nessun Dorma" (from Giacomo Puccini's opera Turandot) live in Milan in 1999 as a tribute to the Italian Manowar fans, and later recording the event for the Warriors of the World album in 2002. The same album also contains "An American Trilogy", which Adams first performed at the Popcom. While touring in 2007, he sang "The Phantom of the Opera", the famous duet from Andrew Lloyd-Webber's musical of the same title, with Maria Breon of HolyHell. The song has been included on HolyHell's first studio disc, Apocalypse (Magic Circle Music). Adams has also sung the Christmas carol "Silent Night". He also recorded the song "Where Eagles Fly" with world's best-selling soprano, Sarah Brightman, for her album Harem, although this song has never been officially released.

On June 30, 2007 Eric Adams sang the Bulgarian national anthem "Mila Rodino" during Manowar's concert in Kavarna, Bulgaria, as a tribute to the Bulgarian fans. It was recorded for the Magic Circle Festival DVD. He did this the next year, again in Kavarna.

Manowar Discography
* Battle Hymns (1982)
* Into Glory Ride (1983)
* Hail to England (1984)
* Sign of the Hammer (1984)
* Fighting the World (1987)
* Kings of Metal (1988)
* The Triumph of Steel (1992)
* Louder Than Hell (1996)
* Warriors of the World (2002)
* Gods of War (2007)
* Thunder In The Sky EP (2009)
* Battle Hymns MMXI (2010)
* The Lord Of Steel (2012)
* Kings Of Metal MMXIV (2014)

Adams is an accomplished bow hunter and a qualified bow Instructor. Together with Chester Moore, he produced, and featured in, the outdoor DVD *"Wild Life and Wild Times"(2006) The soundtrack was composed by Adams himself, who also plays guitar and keyboard. He was also featured in several hunting radio shows and magazines. When asked about his personal flavour about music, he says that he likes classical music, but also listens to Disturbed. In an interview he stated he isn't much of a KISS fan. Adams has also said the band is friend with many other performers, especially in the metal sphere, so they know a lot of musicians and styles of music. Adams also adds color and humor to the Metal Sludge gossip boards with his wit.

Adams has confirmed in various interviews about his musical influences. His strongest influence was Ian Gillan, stating that it was his screaming that made him what he was in his early days. He said that he used to go on every Deep Purple show as a teenager to just listen to Ian Gillan's voice. He was mostly recognizably influenced by Gillan in Manowar's first few albums, until creating his own stage style. When asked about Robert Plant and Ozzy Osbourne, he says that "they are great too, but for me it was definitely Gillan. I was the guy sitting in the tents all night and waiting for Purple to appear." He has also made it clear how when Gillan sang "Child in Time", it "blew [his] mind away".

Before co-founding Manowar, Eric has been a member in a number of other bands-Meet the kids, as mentioned above, and Jade. Most of them didn't really have any discography, just covers of famous songs. In 1980, while with Black Sabbath on a tour, listening to their songs, they felt like it was the thing for them. Eric has said in many interviews that they wanted to have a sound and image that is powerful-something that demonstrate godly strength and immortality. Something that goes without fear. And the band then got to the idea of the Vikings. Eric stating:"What so powerful than the vikings, Jesus Christ, the conquerors. And when we got out there, the fans dug it up and it really came."