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Herman Frank


1982-1984 Accept - guitars  
1982-1985 Hazzard - guitars  
1985 Sinner - guitars  
1986-1994 Victory - guitars  
1993- Moon'Doc - guitars  
2003-2011 Victory - guitars  
2008- Herman Frank - guitars  
2009-2014 Accept - guitars  
2010- Poison Sun - guitars  
2013- Victory - guitars  
2014-2016 Pänzer - guitars  
2022- Iron Allies - guitars  

Live musician

2005 Accept - guitars  

Guest musician

1984 T.N.T. - guitars  
2002 Messiah's Kiss - guitars  
2003 Holy Mother - guitars, bass  
2004 Saeko - guitars  
2007 Messiah's Kiss - guitars  
2009 Thomsen - guitars  
2010 Evil One - guitars  
2019 Magistarium - guitar solo  

Personal information

Born on: 20.01.1959

Official Website

Herman Frank is a German guitar player. He joined the heavy metal band Accept before the release of their 1982 album, Restless and Wild, and left after the following (and the band's most successful) album, 1984's Balls to the Wall was released. He was preceded by Jan Koemmet in Accept and succeeded by Jörg Fischer. When Accept reunited for festival appearances in 2005, it was with Herman Frank in the spot alongside constant presence Wolf Hoffmann. He was involved in the band's recent reunion and their 2010 album Blood of the Nations, their first album in 14 years.

Frank has also recorded with Hazzard, Victory, Moon'Doc, Sinner and Saeko.

Frank has worked as record producer and mixer for Saxon, Rose Tattoo, Molly Hatchet and several others.