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Lee Dorrian


1987-1989 Napalm Death - vocals  
1989-2013 Cathedral - vocals  
1994- Septic Tank - vocals  
2001-2002 Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine - vocals  
2014- With The Dead - vocals  

Guest musician

1989 S.O.B. - backing vocals  
2002 Paradise Lost - vocals  
2003 Probot - vocals  
2004 To Separate The Flesh From The Bones - vocals  

Personal information

Born on: 05.06.1968

Lee Dorrian is a singer from Coventry, England. Originally the editor/publisher of the Cov punk fanzine "Committed Suicide" he then went on to be the singer and lyricist with Napalm Death and recorded one and a half albums with them, namely the second half of Scum and From Enslavement to Obliteration. He left the band after the Mentally Murdered EP was released which he also appeared on. He first used a brutal death grunt style of singing, but adopted a cleaner style when he left Napalm Death to form Cathedral, who first played doom metal on their debut album Forest of Equilibrium, then stoner metal/rock since their second album. He also formed a record label, Rise Above Records, to release music by Cathedral and bands such as Electric Wizard, Sally and Orange Goblin. He recently presented an award to Napalm Death at the Metalhammer Golden Gods Awards 2007.

He performed on the track "Ice Cold Man" for the Probot project in 2003. He has also done vocals for the Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine project.

He has cited - among others - Cal from Discharge and Pete from Antisect as his main influences when he started singing with Napalm Death, as well as Dean from Extreme Noise Terror and Sakevi from GISM.