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Michele Luppi


2004-2008 Vision Divine - vocals  
2008- Killing Touch - keyboards, vocals  
2011-2012 Thaurorod - vocals  
2012-2020 Secret Sphere - vocals  
2015- Whitesnake - keyboards  

Guest musician

2008 Trick Or Treat - vocals  
2011 No Gravity - vocals  
2012 Tommy Vitaly - vocals  
2013 Nergard - vocals  
2016 Hypersonic - vocals  
2018 Nergard - guitars  

Personal information

Born on: 07.04.1974

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I play piano & keyboards since I was 7 and got my vocal training at VIT in Los Angeles.
I developed my own vocal teaching method and I've been teaching vocals since '97. I gave lots of Rock concerts everywhere I could! And, of course, worked many hours in my home studio! During all these years I've had the pleasure to perform in several music situations with very talented players such as my band Mr. Pig, Maurizio Solieri, Roberto Priori, Alex De Rosso , Andrea Braido, Ian Paice, Carl Palmer, the band Class+Steve Rogers Band and many more! I also made a two-year World Tour as backup singer and keyboard player with Umberto Tozzi, an italian Pop star. So far, as a lead singer, I released "Avoid Yawed Flights" with Roberto Priori and "Twister" with Max Magagni (in this record there are guest like Glenn Hughes, one of my favourite singers ever, Ian Paice, Robin McAuley and others...) and sang a version of "A World Without Heroes" on the Italian Kiss Tribute album, "Italians Kiss Better". In September '03 I joined Vision Divine as lead singer. With this band I recorded "Stream Of Consciousness" (2004), the live DVD "Stage Of Consciousness" (2005) and the forthcoming album "The Perfect Machine" (2005). With this band I made two Italian tours as headliner and opened for bands such as Dream Theater, as well as taking part to some open-air festivals with other major Metal bands.
On July '05 my first solo AOR album "Strive" was released all over the world; right now I'm still touring with Mr. Pig to promote it. In October '05 I did my first tour in Japan with Vision Divine where all my last efforts have been released in Special Editions Discs containing many bonus tracks each!

Musical Influences:
Joey Tempest & Europe, Kip Winger, Kiss, Dream Theater, Mr. Big, Whitesnake, John Payne & Asia, Glenn Hughes, Robert Plant, Def Leppard, Seal, Bruce Hornsby, Richie Sambora, House Of Lords, Slaughter, Bryan Adams, Giant, Blue Murder, Malmsteen, Howard Jones, Bad English, Shy, TNT, Alanis Morissette and many more...

Friendship, Honesty, Movies.

Ignorance, Violence, Jazz .

First album recorded:
I sang on Roberto Priori's solo record - Avoid Yawed Flight (2001)

Metal Top 5 (In alphabetical order...)
Dream Theater - "Images & words"
Europe - "Out of this world"
House Of Lords - "House Of Lords"
Mr. Big - "Lean Into It"
Whitesnake - "1987"