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Juuso Raatikainen


2003- Heathen Hoof - drums  
2005-2009 Gian - drums  
2012-2017 Psychework - drums  
2015- Hedonihil - drums, guitars, bass  
2015- Swallow The Sun - drums  
2015- Noora Louhimo Experience - drums  
2018-2020 Mercury Circle - drums  
2019- Endless Forms Most Gruesome - all instruments  

Studio musician

2020 To Conceal The Horns - drums (as Syntinen)  

Live musician

2013-2014 Swallow The Sun - drums  
2022- I Am The Night - drums  

Guest musician

2022 Infirmum - drums  

Personal information

Also known as: Syntinen

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Juuso is a drummer, composer and an educator from Suolahti, Central Finland. Known as an open-minded collaborator with versatile experience, he is the go-to guy to play any kind of gig. Since 2013 Juuso has been introduced to international audiences through his drumming with Finnish doom metal pioneers, Swallow the Sun. In Finland, he can be seen working freelance with various artists in diverse musical situations.

Juuso has been surrounded by music since childhood. A bass/guitar playing father and choir singing mother encouraged him to follow his musical tendencies. Instruments were always around and the guitar driven rock records of his father left an indelible mark. Through his teen years Juuso played in numerous local rock bands which taught him important lessons in teamwork and openness.

Professionally there was no other choice than music. After graduating from upper secondary school, Juuso carried out his military service in the Finnish Conscript Band in 2008 and later graduated as Bachelor in Music Pedagogy at the Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences in 2012. Juuso finished his formal studies so far by graduating as Master of Music from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in 2018. He has been teaching the drums professionally since 2010 and currently teaches in Drum School Up & Down Beats in Helsinki.

A step towards international recognition came with the chance to fill in for the legendary Finnish drummer, Kai Hahto, with the band Swallow the Sun. Eventually a substitute gig turned into a permanent job and in 2015 Juuso recorded drums for the band’s triple album masterpiece, Songs from the North, Parts I, II & III. So far he has released four albums with StS including When a Shadow is Forced into the Light in (2019), Live in Helsinki (2021) and Moonflowers (2021). The tours of Swallow the Sun have taken him to some 40 countries including Europe, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Egypt, Dubai, Israel, Canada and the United States.

Juuso is a composer and plays guitar, bass and keyboards. He is constantly working on several projects of his own (Hedonihil, Endless Forms Most Gruesome) and with various collaborators. He regularly does session work for different artists and bands.

He exclusively uses Sihi cymbals and Balbex drum sticks.