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Conrad Thomas Lant


1979-1987 Venom - bass, vocals (as Cronos)  
1988-1995 Cronos - bass, vocals (as Cronos)  
1995- Venom - bass, vocals (as Cronos)  

Guest musician

1984 Tysondog - backing vocals (as Cronos)  
1984 Warfare - bass, vocals (as Cronos)  
1986 Warfare - bass, vocals (as Cronos)  
1992 Massacre - bass, vocals (as Cronos)  
1992 Warpath - vocals (as Cronos)  
1995 Blitzkrieg - vocals (as Cronos)  
1995 Raism - backing vocals (as Cronos)  
1996 Cradle Of Filth - vocals (as Cronos)  
1997 Enthroned - backing vocals (as Cronos)  
2003 Probot - vocals (as Cronos)  
2005 HammerFall - vocals (as Cronos)  
2006 Necrodeath - spoken words (as Cronos)  

Personal information

Also known as: Cronos
Born on: 15.01.1963

Birth name : Conrad Thomas Lant

Also known as "Rabid Captor of Bestial Malevolence"

Conrad Thomas Lant (aka Cronos), born in London, UK, in 15 January 1963, is a musician who is the vocalist and bass player of the influential black metal/speed metal band Venom, from 1979 to 1987 and from 1995 to this day.

Early Life

After joining his high school band Dwarfstar, he joined Guillotine as a guitarist in 1978, where he met Jeffrey Dunn (aka Mantas). In 1980, the original bass player left one week before a gig. Instead of not playing the venue, Lant took up the bass and they changed the band name to Venom. He continued to play the bass throughout his career in Venom. In 1981, the band's vocalist Clive Archer left, leaving Lant to take over this role too.

Solo Career

Lant left the band in 1989 to pursue a solo career and occasionally featured in many other bands of a similar genre, including Cronos, Enthroned, Cradle of Filth (Cronos contributed a monologue to the end of the Cradle track, Haunted Shores), Warpath, Massacre, and Necrodeath. He also produced some of the albums for other bands.

Venom tried to continue without Cronos but only managed a couple of releases before calling a halt on their efforts in around 1993 due to lack of sales and poor concert attendances. Cronos reformed the original Venom line-up in 1995 and headlined the Dynamo Festival in 1996 to a staggering 90,000 fans.


with Venom
Welcome To Hell (1981)
Black Metal (1982)
At War with Satan (1983)
Possessed (1985)
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (1986)
Calm Before The Storm (1987)
Cast In Stone (1997)
Resurrection (2000)
Metal Black (2006)

with Cronos
Dancing in the Fire (1990)
Rock n' Roll Disease (1991)
Venom (1995)

other appearances
Dusk... and Her Embrace by Cradle of Filth (1996) - spoken word on "Haunted Shores"
Probot by Probot (2004) - vocals and bass on "Centuries of Sin"
Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken by HammerFall (2005) - vocals on "Knights of the 21st Century"