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Henrik Båth


2000-2010 Harmony - vocals  
2003- Darkwater - vocals, guitars  
2012- Universal Mind Project - vocals  
2013- Waken Eyes - vocals  
2020- Shadrane - vocals  

Guest musician

2008 Shadrane - vocals  


04.08.2007 Darkwater

Personal information

Born on: 25.04.1977

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I was born in Borås, Sweden on April 25th 1977. I grew up in a musical surroundings where my father and both my brothers were in to music in some way. I started playing cello at the age of 7, but gave it up after nearly four years. I guess it wasn´t cool playing cello at that age, but today, I strongly regret giving it up. My singing career started at the age of 13, when my older brother and his friends forced me to become the lead singer in their band Daze of Twilight. I thank them for that today. We played for about four years and during this period I also began playing guitar. During my years at upper secondary school I found new musical friends and started Jam Factory together with Magnus Holmberg (Darkwater, Harmony). This was the first band where I wrote most of the songs, and my path into the more experimental/progressive style. Later on, I and Magnus Holmberg went one year at a folk high school with musical direction. This was a very important year since we here found another future band member (Markus Sigfridsson), and many good friends. After this incredible experience I moved to Linköping for two years. Here I became the lead singer in a funk/soul cover band namned Superbad. It was the first time I ever listened to funk and soul, and to be on a stage with a fifteen men strong band was amazing! It was when I lived in Linköping that Markus Sigfridsson and Tobias Enbert got in touch with me regarding recording a demo for their band Harmony. This worked out very well since I at the time was planning to head home to all our home town Borås again. After getting a label contract with Harmony we recorded the debut album "Dreaming Awake" (released 2003) and started playing metal festivals around Scandinivia. In this same year we also started the more progressive metal band Darkwater (debut release May 2007). Since then I have been working, writing, playing and recording with Harmony, Darkwater and other projects. And I will always be open for new interesting projects, regardless musical style. I believe versatility makes you a better musician, and therefore a better human being