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Kjell Hilding Lövbom


NA D'accord - guitar  
NA Statson Cody - guitar  
NA Silver - guitar  
NA Kee & The Kick - guitar  
1982-1986 Easy Action - guitar  
1986-1992 Europe - guitars, backing vocals (as Kee Marcello)  
1993 Red Fun - guitar  
1995- Kee Marcello - lead vocals, guitars  
2003- Kee Marcello's K2 - lead vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards  
2006- Easy Action - guitar  
2021- Out Of This World - guitars, keyboards (as Kee Marcello)  

Studio musician

1986 Mikael Rickfors - guitar  
1991 Mikael Rickfors - guitar  
1997 Mikael Rickfors - guitar  

Guest musician

1982 Noice - guitar  
1991 Torben Schmidt - guitar  
1991 Joey Tafolla - guitars (as Kee Marcello)  
1992 Edin Adahl - guitar  
1992 Ulf Wakenius - guitar  
1993 Sy Klopps - guitar  
1997 Sand & Gold - guitar  
1999 In Flames - guitars  
2001 Eclipse - guitars  
2002 Zinny J. Zan - guitar  
2003 VII Gates - guitar  
2003 Ken Tamplin - guitar  
2005 Pavic - guitar  
2005 Sha-Boom - guitar  
2007 Andrew Bordoni - guitar  
2008 Myland - guitar  
2008 Pavic - guitar  
2009 Alex Falcone - guitar  
2009 Åge Sten Nilsen - guitar  
2010 Yana Mangi - guitar  
2011-2012 Snowy Shaw - guitars  
2012 Liv Moon - guitars, vocals  
2012 Nubian Rose - guitar  
2013 Wolfpakk - guitars  

Personal information

Also known as: Kee Marcello
Born on: 20.02.1960
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Kee Marcello (born Kjell Hilding Lövbom on February 20, 1960 in Ludvika, Sweden) is the former guitarist in the Swedish hard rock supergroup Europe. He joined the band in November 1986, replacing John Norum, and remained in the band until they took a break in 1992.

Throughout the years, Marcello has played in various bands and produced several artists. Before he joined Europe he played in the glam rock band Easy Action. They released two albums. In 1985 Marcello produced the single "Give A Helpin' Hand" for the charity project Swedish Metal Aid. The song was written by Europe vocalist Joey Tempest.

In 1995 Marcello released his first solo album Shine On, which had a west coast influenced sound, similar to The Eagles. In 2003 he formed the band K2 and released the album Melon Demon Divine. When Europe reunited with John Norum later that year, Marcello said he might join them on some parts of their upcoming world tour. That hasn't happened so far, though.

In 2005 K2 joined forces with Canadian singer Alannah Myles at the Swedish final of the Eurovision Song Contest, performing the song "We Got It All". The song scored few points in the vote and didn't make it to the international final.

Easy Action reunited for a gig at the Sweden Rock Festival in 2006.