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Chaostar - Biography

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Chaostar wishes to be the experiment in music.

The band was born out of Christos Antoniou's deep desire to create music that has a more classical approach. The guitarist emerged internationally as one of the founding members of Greece's leading dark metal band Septicflesh, which was founded in 1993 and nowadays stands among the leading bands in symphonic metal music.

When Septicflesh released their single The Eldest Cosmonaut in September 1998, it clearly took a step towards classical music within a metal context. The ensuing success inspired Christos and his bandmates to create a project parallel to their main band in order to pursue this course further. This project became known as Chaostar.

Although Christos is clearly the driving force behind this new formation, which focuses on an amalgamation of cassical and experimental music, all type-setters of Septicflesh partake in the development of the compositions. Christos holds the reins firmly in his hand and coordinates the interchange of brilliant musicians from the metal as well as the orchestral side.

This timeless confrontation of different styles gives rise to a music full of emotions as well as evoking and moving them. On top of this, vocalist Natalie Rassoulis, a divinity seemingly coming from another time, throws in her ever growing talent to touch the depths of our inner beings. After their self-released first output The Underworld (2000), Chaostar signed a deal with French label Holy Records who released Chaostar (2000), Threnody (2001), The Scarlet Queen (2004) and finally the compilation Underworld (2007).

Right now, Chaostar is revived and breathes under the support of Season Of Mist, for one more time.