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VARATHRON - biography (1988-...) Eternal years of Blasphemy

"When the blasphemic times signed, the endless dark surrounded thy earth and the unholy kingdom of A assurdinal rose!!!Anthropomorphous demons and ugly witches summoned the Dark Lord, from the city of the demons Beled-L-Gin... His name is VARATHRON"!!!!!

An obscure dream came true!!! In the early days of 1988, four unholy souls, Captain Death (Spyros) (drums-ex-VOMIT and SOUND POLUTION), Mutilator(Jim) (bass, also in Rotting Christ), John (guitar, also in DANGER CROSS) and Necroabyssious (Stephan) (vocals, ex SICKNESS MIND), united their dark forces under the flag of VARATHRON!!!! After a lot of rehearsals the first demo was a reality!!!!

Everything begun a stormy October night of 1989, when Necroabyssious, Mutilator, John and Captain Death recorder their legendary demo- "PROCREATION OF THE UNALTERED EVIL"!!!! The tape in spite of its poor sound quality had a pure blasphemic feeling which kills your brain". [ as our great friend and brother Dead of Mayhem said (R.I.P.) ]. So has immediately became a part of the Dark Art history!!! The spell has been cast!!!!

In December of 1989, the occult song called "THE GREAT SEAL OF GRAAL" was recorded!!!! It was the last recording with Captain Death on drums!! So, in the year 1990, VARATHRON line-up had changed. The last days of december 1990, five black souls came in the studio for the new recordings!!!
Necroabyssious, Mutilator, John, Stavros (guitar now in Horrified) and Themis (drums, also in Rotting Christ), recorded the second demo- "GENESIS OF APOCRYPHAL DESIRE" !!!! A total apocryphal hymn!!! A month later, after their second demo, BLACK VOMIT REC. released a VARATHRON EP, called "ONE STEP BEYOND DREAMS"!!! One thousand handnumbered copies which dissapeared within the first weeks!!!! Yet, it was the year 1992 that brought to VARATHRON a cult band status and the great respect in the world of Metal!!! That was the time when one of the most legendary releases of the greek underground scene saw the light of the day - VARATHRON/NECROMANTIA split album entitled significantly "BLACK ARTS LEAD TO EVERLASTING SINS", released under the flag of BLACK POWER RECORDS

When you have such a trump in your hand it is not difficult to get a record deal!!! After a lot of proposals, VARATHRON chooses the offer of a Dutch, CYBER MUSIC REC., which in the end of 1993 released their debut full length album "HIS MAJESTY AT THE SWAMP". The album itself was truly great, a masterpiece of Darkness, obscure and abyssic material!! The debut album was recorded in the summer of 1993 with a new line-up!!! Yes the obligatory army service stroke again and the new line-up was: Necroabyssious-vocals, Mutilator-bass, Necroslaughter (Jim) - guitars (also in Zemial and Agatus). On drums they user a session drummer - a friend named Wolfen!!!! After some years and some troubles, Mutilator left the band for personal reasons!!! Necroslaughter, went to Australia where he formed the great Zemial and Agatus with his brother Eskarth - for personal reasons too!!!! So the band was almost dead but rose like a phoenix from the ashes and with a new line-up, VARATHRON stronger than ever, was ready for the next attack!!! Necroabyssious, Wolfen, Pyrphoros (guitars and bass, ex-KAWIR) and Adrastos (synths) was totally ready!!!

The Greek Black Metallers decided to trust their countrymen of Unisound Rec. In 1994, Unisound Rec. re-released the Blasphemic Masterpiece "BLACK ARTS LEAD TO EVERLASTING SINS" on CD and LP, with different covers and the 7" EP "ONE STEP BEYOND DREAMS" as bonus!!!! One year later, that label unleashed VARATHRON's second opus, German titled "WALPURGISNACHT"!!! The material was so obscure and apocryphal!!! The evolution against the other releases of the past was a basic member on synths!!! Unfortunately the album missed it's target for a great promotion!!!! But the band stayed alive and strong!!! In 1997, Ray Miller of CURSED PRODUCTIONS, released the two demos and three unreleased songs on CD format!!! A great work and "GENESIS OF APOCRYPHAL DESIRE" sold like mad!!!

In the mean time , the Greek Glorifiers of Darkness were writing their new material waiting for their time to come. And it came!!!! In 1999 VARATHRON signed in PAGAN REC., a great polish label with some new faces in the line-up!!! Necroabyssious-vocals, Pyrphoros - guitars and bass, Spyros (Wolfen) - drums and Bill (Crazy Wizard) - synths.!!! Adrastos left the band, after the recordings of "WALPURGISNACHT", for personal reasons!!!

Under the black banner of PAGAN rec., VARATHRON released the mini-album entitled "THE LAMENT OF GODS". Four original compositions, filled with dark and sinister melodies, as well as a thrilling cover version of MERCYFUL FATE's classic "NUNS HAVE NO FUN", shall smash in to pieces all your doubts about who is the leader of today's atmospheric black metal scene.!!!

The cover song of MERCYFUL FATE, was also included in a tribute to MERCYFUL FATE with bands like ACHERON, VITAL REMAINS, NECROPHAGIA, SOILWORK, DAN SWANO, etc which was released under the polish label STILL DEAD PRODUCTIONS and later under the american label DWELL RECORDS!!! The tribute was called "THE UNHOLY SOUNDS OF THE DEMON BELLS" !!!! After some years of silence and hard work His Majesty VARATHRON is finally back!!! Stronger than ever!!! In the middle timesome releases saw the light of the day!!! Pagan rec. re-released the great masterpiece "HIS MAJESTY AT THE SWAMP" on CD and picture-vinyl with a different cover and a bonus track!!!

Also, Ordealis Rec., released the two demos, "PROCREATION OF THE UNALTERED EVIL" and "GENESIS OF APOCRYPHAL DESIRE" on vinyl format for the first time through the years!!!! Besides, MUTILATION RECORDS, released on a double-CD format the two full length albums, "HIS MAJESTY AT THE SWAMP", "WALPURGISNACHT" and the mini-album "THE LAMENT OF GODS", as a tribute to VARATHRON's music!!!

Great covers and limited editions for all the releases!!!

Finally, under the flag of BLACK LOTUS RECORDS, VARATHRON are recording a new masterpiece!!!

"CROWSREIGN" is coming!!!The band is becoming alive with total "fresh" blood!!! Stephan "Necroabyssious" - vocals and Bill "Crazy Wizard" - synths and now Achilleas - guitars and bass and Haris - drums are recording the new opus from September to October 2004!!!

VARATHRON have almost ready the new forthcoming album:" STYGIAN FORCES OF SCORN". Also, they looking for a new label, cause BLACK LOTUS RECORDS was split-up. Bill "Crazy Wizard" left the band for personal reasons and the last line up is: Necroabyssious-vocals, Achilleas- guitars, Sotiris-guitars, Haris-drums and Tolis-bass. Beware of the new blasphemic invasion!!!
The greek label SHADOWFACE RECORDS release our cult first album " HIS MAJESTY AT THE SWAMP " on amazing gatefold vinyl with A3 poster inside, 600 hand-numbered copies!!! The vinyl sells like a mad!!!

VARATHRON finnished the new album: " STYGIAN FORCES OF SCORN " and signed on an amazing label,a Spanish label, DIE TODESRUNE RECORDS.

In August 2009, the obscure masterpiece "STYGIAN FORCESS OF SCORN" is out!!!! Released on CD & LP version. A great "comeback to the roots" from VARATHRON Horde's, an amazing release!!!!!!! EVIL RULES!!!

JANUARY 2010! VARATHRON strikes back with DESOLATION on a great masterpiece split 7" inch vinyl, called " DARKNESS HAS LANDED"!!! Released under the flag of FLOGA RECORDS & IRON BONEHEAD RECORDS.

Late 2012 sees Varathron join forces with Black Altar and Thornspawn to create the unholy 3 way split album "Emissaries Of The Darkened Call - Three Nails In The Coffin Of Humanity", released on vinyl through Floga Records and Hellsfire Records, and on CD through Odium Records. Also, the cult Bolivian records Rawblack Kult Prod. released it on tape in wooden box. It is also released on Black Saw Prod. / Blackdeath Coven Records in deluxe a5 digi-pack. Tthe infernal artwork was created by Juan Castellano.

2013 saw Varathron and Sathanas release a 7" through Pagan Records, featuring a new Varathron track!

A new chapter for Varathron opens is 2014, seeing them enter a partnership with Agonia Records for the release of the long awaited pure blasphemic opus, "Untrodden Corridors of Hades", which will be released November 2014! The stunning artwork is created by Mark Riddick!

to be continued....