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The Sword - Biography




In Austin, Texas, 2003, Swordsmith J.D. Cronise underwent his ritual purification. He was soon to join forces with three other swordsmiths, whom went by the names of Kyle Shutt, Bryan Richie and Trivett Wingo. Starting early 2004, the quartet worked heavily at their anvil.

While putting both their soul and mind into the search for the ultimate blade, the young swordsmiths made sure to pay their dues to their forefathers, the early swordsmiths, whom swords were indeed of unparalleled craftsmanship. By using the heritage of the past as their founding pillar, they are forging a blade made of metal so hard that it holds razor sharpness even after repeated use in battle.

From the very beginning, to this very day, and for times to come, these wielders of The Sword, are carrying their well respected craftsmanship's of sonic destruction. They are traveling abroad not only as warriors, but also as pioneers. Fusing with the people they conquer, making them their allies.