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Dezperadoz - Biography



In a previous guise of Desperados the band put out a January 2002 debut album 'The Dawn Of Dying', recorded at Zobel Audio Studio in Heidelberg, through Drakkar Records. Gelsenkirchen cowboy Metal from Sodom's Tom Angelripper, mentored by guitarist Alex Kraft, a member of Tom Angelripper's solo band, the initial formation included bassist Volker Liebig, ex-Jail drummer Olli Lampertsdörfer with Ferdy Doernberg of Rough Silk on keyboards.

Dezperadoz issued the Wyatt Earp themed concept album 'The Legend And The Truth', recorded at at House of Audio Studios and produced by Pink Cream 69's Dennis Ward, through AFM Records in April 2006, promoting this with supports in Germany to Axxis and Krokus. By this stage Angelripper was merely acting as a guest player.

'An Eye For An Eye' followed in 2008 on AFM Records. A US license was secured through Locomotive Music.