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There is no need to write a lot of things about a band like NIGHTFALL. Already an established band with an excellent career.
Everything started more than 10 years ago in Athens-Greece, when Efthimis Karadimas (vocals/bass) decided to form a band which will shaken the stir waters of the metal scene. Their first album "Parade into centuries" hit the streets in 1992 and the impact was storming!!!!
On their second album "Macabre Sunsets" (1993) the band moved music, one step further incorporating blast beats in their melodic and dark music!
"Athenian Echoes" was released in 1995 proving that the band never stopped evolving and transforming into one killer metal machine! Furthermore other parallel releases were made like the 7" EP "Oh black queen, you're mine" and the mini CD "Eons Aura".
It was in 1997 that the band made their breakthrough with the highly successive album "Lesbian show" reaching more than 20.000 units in Europe and licensing to countries like Japan e.t.c. "Lesbian Show" was the epitome of power combined by melody and massive songwriting!!
The next couple of years there were several line-up changes with the most important one being the drummer replacement with Mark Cross (HELLOWEEN, METALIUM, e.t.c.) !!!
In 1999 the CD-EP "Electronegative" was the prologue of their forthcoming album "Diva Futura" which was released a year after. With "Diva Futura" , NIGHTFALL elaborated NEW elements into their music and they delivered a modern metal machine with catchy tunes and powerful melodies.
In 2001 the band appeared at the Wacken Festival in Germany, enchanting an audience of thousands of metalheads?.

3 years of silence?
and suddenly like a nuclear explosion the band re-appears with a brand new line-up and an album that will not only excite the fans of the band but it will reach an audience who will dare to follow them through the musical paths of an album with the controversial and autobiographical title: "I AM JESUS"! Produced once again at the infamous Tico-Tico studio in Finland, the new opus will open new ways to the interpretation of the atmospheric/dark/death metal but in the same time will make the older fans to bang their heads once more?.
Catchy melodies which blend their abstract and dreamy notes with the passionate vocal lines, an overall feeling which sounds new but reminds the past?.Originality and emotion are the two main characteristics of this album that will instantly enchant you and drag you into the world of "I AM JESUS"?.
As BLACK LOTUS RECORDS we are really proud to welcome in our ranks one of the most important Greek bands and furthermore that we begin our co-operation with an astonishing album like "I AM JESUS"?.

"I AM JESUS" was indeed one of the most successful works of 2003 both in the commercial and the artistic sense. NIGHTFALL voted Best Greek Band for 2003 as awarded by Metal Hammer mag (readers poll) and played the Rockwave festival. They are back for good!

And when we thought we heard it all, just before X-mass of 2004, the band is offering yet another milestone: "LYSSA: Rural Gods And Astonishment Punishments"

Fast double bass kicking mixed with aggressive rhythm guitars, dark, gothic-like lead melodies (typical Nightfall style) and oriental elements here and there. This time the whole production has a lot of hidden diamonds spread left-right creating an agonizing, haunting atmosphere.
For the first time Efthimis has filled his vocal lines with numerous fat backing vocals of his own giving the final outcome a raging touch. The agony and the emptiness
the so-called 'modern' life offers to us all in combination with a serial of brand new challenges unknown to older ones is most probably the primary inspiration behind this album.
Heavier than Metal, darker and more poetic than Gothic, this sick release is a magnificent soundtrack for a cerebral trip in the agony of our Times.