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Dephosphorus - Biography




Dephosphorus were formed in Greece in the summer of 2008 by guitarist/songwriter Thanos Mantas and vocalist/lyricist Panos Agoros, when both have decided to move on after their previous band Straighthate came to a dead end.

Their mission statement is to create intense, aggressive music with a allegorical, cosmic concept. After a first year spent doing home demos, crafting their style, the band decided to opt for a more visceral and organic approach. That's how fellow scenester and drummer/vocalist of local black/death comrades Injekting Khaos, Nikos Megariotis has been recruited.

The first 7 tracks written as a trio were recorded in the summer of 2010 as a debut demonstration of Dephoshorus' potential and became the Axiom session. Rounded up with mindblowing artwork by Viral Graphics, Axiom has been shipped to record labels in order to secure its official release as a mini-album.

In the meanwhile, during the fall of the same year 2010, Dephosphorus have recorded 14 new tracks for their debut album Night Sky Transform, as well as for two split-EP's. Ryan Lipynsky (ex-Unearthly Trance, The Howling Wind, Serpentine Path) has collaborated with the band for the song "Unconscious Excursion", writing the lyrics, recording the vocals and a stellar guitar solo in his compound at Brooklyn, NY.

7 Degrees Records from Germany has released Axiom in June 2011 as a glorious gatefold 12" MLP. A CD release has yet to be confirmed.