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Alas - Biography




Alas is the brainchild of Erik Rutan, best known for his ground-breaking work with Ripping Corpse, Morbid Angel and Hate Eternal. Erik's originality derives from an intriguing blend of musical styles and influences, an unfathomable youthful energy and drive to perfect his art, as well as a mature and well-developed sense of song writing. After having worked for seven years on various demos with different players he finally discovered the perfect line-up with the most undeniable chemistry for this band that he simply, yet appropriately, named Alas.

While traveling throughout Europe on tour with Morbid Angel, Erik was introduced to Martina Astner. Her siren-esque voice was something he had admired for some time and after a few heartfelt exchanges he knew she would be the right voice for Alas. His close friend, Howard Davis, a very powerful drummer who had been touring with The Genitorturers and Die Krupps, had already been involved on some of the early demos and it is his constant and unrelenting backbeat which helps propel the album effortlessly from start to finish. The remaining piece to be added to the puzzle was Berkley-trained bassist Scott Hornick who had known Erik for over a decade and had even played with him during the final days of Erik's first band, Ripping Corpse. Scott's love for Fusion Metal, Jazz and Classical progressions settled in perfectly with Erik's vision of Alas.

After having sold over 2500 copies of the Alas demo which has, over time, been re-written and re-arranged several times in order to capture the raw passion Erik felt for this endeavor, the album, Absolute Purity, is finally coming to life. As its title would suggest, it has been born from the honest efforts of the people within Alas, Hammerheart Records and World Management who are dedicated and united under a common vision to make this opus a reality to fans throughout the world. With no further delay, we proudly present to you, the inspired musicianship and songwriting from Erik, Martina, Howard and Scott ... the innovative and exciting new life known as Alas.