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Forcentury - Biography

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In 2008 A.D. a handful of mortals gathered and formed a brotherhood now known as Forcentury. While fronting as a heavy metal band, the ensemble secretly established a subterranean scientific proving ground, where they were to probe the boundaries between the body, mind, and spirit. They named it The Forcentury Vault for it would be a hidden place where discovery and secrets could be safeguarded and contained until the world was deemed mature for their revelation.

We, the entity collectively known as Forcentury, are a team of carefully matched esoteric scientists - each an expert in his own field of elementary wisdom. Under the standard of the adamantine Investigator, our group of elemental instrumentalists constructed The Forcentury Vault from sandstone and steel, and we furnished the chambers with equal parts archaic occult mechanics and hyper-advanced scientific equipment.

The ultimate goal of our research was formulated as the realization of a shared vision: a better world. We envisioned a world where the leaders would truly work for the common good; where the people would care for and respect the balance of our planet; where no free thinker would be shackled; where spirit and intellect would not be shamelessly treated as separate parts of a whole; where animosity and belligerence born from fear would only be stuff of legends.

For the next four years, the tempest of natural catastrophe and human incompetence raged violently outside the hollows of The Forcentury Vault. The storm of esoteric conquest on the inside was equally intense. We worked incessantly and submitted ourselves to preposterous experiments and maddening rituals in the attempt to understand and find answers. But after endless hours, days and months of exhausting research with only meagre results, we discovered what we were already beginning to suspect: we were running in circles. As we reluctantly returned to our origin of faith, the truth dawned upon us with shocking clarity.

"Heavy Metal Will Save the World!" started out as a mere battle cry - a phrase we used to distinguish ourselves, as we took stages and presented our findings to the audience. But as we ultimately faced the mirror and gazed upon our collective self, we knew that our choice of words was no coincidence. We realized, that to change the world it takes immense amounts of energy, connectivity, and human empowerment. Heavy metal, with its brutal intensity, ability to strengthen bonds between people, and kindle fires in their hearts, can verily grant all three in excess. With this renewed insight, our poles shifted and we could no longer consider "Heavy Metal Will Save the World!" as just a mundane string of words or cheap slogan. Instead, we made it a mission statement that we would henceforth dedicate our lives to.

And so it is, that today the entrance to The Forcentury Vault is open, and Forcentury has turned its face outwards. The world will never be the same again...