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Weekend Nachos - Biography


After several vicious EPs and split releases, Weekend Nachos unleashed their debut record, Punish And Destroy, in 2007 on Regurgitated Semen Records. Off the strength of this album, Weekend Nachos soon began to attract a loyal following and gain the attention of many notable audiences through their relentless touring and furious live shows. After the release of 2008's self-titled EP on Drugged Conscience, the band was signed to Relapse Records.

Unforgivable, the band's Relapse debut, was released in 2009 and consists of 12 ferocious tracks in its 24 minute runtime. This album found the band embarking on their first European Tour in 2010 and also performing throughout the US with such notable acts as Eyehategod, Lack Of Interest and Brutal Knights.

Weekend Nachos also spent 2010 experimenting with their sound, as evident on the Bleed EP. This experimentation was successfully integrated into the band's trademark style on their 2011 Relapse release Worthless, "a near thirty minute ride of all things violent and aggressive in the hardcore genre", according to

Since the release of Worthless, Weekend Nachos has toured relentlessly, performing at such notable festivals as Rain Fest 2012 and Obscene Extreme 2012, as well as performing shows with Converge, Municipal Waste and Cough.